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Nubian Newborns



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Our baby blanket sets are not just a product; they’re a heartfelt investment in your child’s comfort, hair health, and mental well-being. Perfect for thoughtful gifts or personal use, these sets promise to provide your baby with a loving, encouraging, and cozy environment.

Newborns 3 piece baby blanket sets are designed with love and care to nurture your little ones. Available in both boy and girl versions, these sets are more than just blankets; they’re a bundle of comfort, protection, and positive affirmations.

Each set includes:

• Two Sheets: Crafted from a satin like fabric similar to that used in most bonnets, these sheets are specifically designed to protect your baby’s delicate hair. The smooth texture reduces friction, ensuring your little one’s hair remains healthy and tangle-free.

• One Blanket: Experience the unparalleled softness and durability of our blankets, made from the softest fabric and filling. We’ve chosen the finest material to provide your baby with a cozy and comfortable sleep environment.

• Positive Affirmations: We believe in the power of words, especially when it comes to our children. Each sheet is adorned with positive, encouraging, and motivating words, designed to speak life into your little ones as they rest. These affirmations serve as a foundation for self-esteem and a positive mindset.

• Inclusive Designs: Celebrating diversity and healthy self-expression, our blankets feature illustrations of black and brown babies in various shades and hair textures. We aim to promote a positive self-image from the earliest stages of life, ensuring every child sees their beauty reflected back at them.

**They fit most standard cribs and grow with your baby into fitting most standard toddler beds (not twin size, toddler size beds)

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