Discover Nubian Newborns on Babylist, the one-stop registry for expecting parents who value representation and quality for their little ones. Our selection of products designed for Black infants is now available to add to your Babylist registry, ensuring your newborn receives the best from day one.

To add Nubian Newborns to your registry, follow these simple steps:

1. Create or log in to your account on the Babylist website or app.
2. Navigate to the “Add Items” section.
3. Use the “Add from another store” option to include items from outside the Babylist store.
4. Enter the URL of the Nubian Newborns product you wish to add.
5. Babylist’s browser button can also be used to add items while browsing our website directly.
6. Once the item is listed, you can adjust the quantity and provide details on color or size if needed.
7. Share your registry with family and friends, so they know exactly what you’d love for your baby.

Welcome Nubian Newborns into your journey of parenthood with Babylist, where your village can easily help you gather essentials that celebrate and care for your baby’s heritage and health.