Founded by a visionary mother, deemed 'geriatric' by her doctors during her first and only pregnancy, Nubian Newborns was born out of a deep desire to surround her son with positive representation. Faced with a striking scarcity of products celebrating the unique beauty of Black babies, she was propelled to create what she couldn't find. Our founder's journey — from her 'geriatric' pregnancy to the birth of her son — sparked a movement to fill a gap in the baby care industry. Nubian Newborns is more than a brand; it's the fulfillment of a mother's wish for her child to grow up in a world where he, and children like him, are celebrated from the start. In the heart of our community lies a village that rejoices in the miracle of Black birth—welcome to Nubian Newborns.

We are founded on the belief that natural, high-quality products for skin and hair care are not a luxury, but a necessity for nurturing the next generation. Our products are created to let every child see the beauty in their skin color, promoting confidence from the earliest days of life. By joining the Nubian Newborns village, you become part of a supportive and nurturing environment that sees you, hears you, and values you. Together, we will celebrate the beautiful diversity of black babies and empower parents with the knowledge and resources to foster a confident and healthy start for their children.