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Nubian Newborns



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The Nubian Newborns Affirmation Cards are a collection of 50 purposefully crafted cards that serve as a conduit for daily empowerment, with specific cards tailored for morning inspiration and others for evening reassurance.

• Morning Routine: Begin the day with designated morning cards. Encourage your child to select and read aloud affirmations like “Today will be a good day” or “I am needed on this Earth” to instill a sense of purpose and self-belief as they embrace the day’s challenges.

• Evening Reflections: At bedtime, transition to the designated evening cards. Affirmations such as “I am Loved” and “I am at Peace” can help soothe and affirm their sense of security and worth, promoting a night of serene rest.

• Throughout the Day: Use the other cards in the deck at opportune moments to reinforce a positive mindset. Whether after a challenge or during play, these affirmations serve as gentle nudges of encouragement and self-affirmation.

• Engage and Educate: Involve your child by letting them choose a card and discuss its message. This interaction can deepen their understanding and personal connection to the affirmations.

• Consistent Reminders: Strategically place the affirmation cards in your home to serve as constant positive reinforcements. These visual cues can help in internalizing the affirmations, contributing to a lasting impact on your child’s self-esteem and outlook.

Incorporating the Nubian Newborns Affirmation Cards into your child’s routine can significantly enhance their self-image and cultural pride from an early age, nurturing them with consistent messages of strength, love, and belonging.

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