Cool Facts About Us

Nubian Newborns® is a direct to consumer brand that celebrates the beauty and diversity of babies. We make sure our customers feel represented and seen through the various skin tones, hair textures, and facial features of our original characters.

As a company, we love providing our customers with options outside of the norm. Our mission is to provide a variety of natural, affirming, fun, and educational baby essentials that reflect and celebrate the beauty of black culture.

Our founder Ebonys’greatest challenge and transition came in 2020 during the height of Covid-19; she became a first time mommy. When Ebony couldn’t find any baby products that represented her beautiful, dark-skinned son Declan in a positive light she started the company with the mission to provide high-quality, culturally relevant baby products for all shades of black babies. Motherhood has given her a strong belief in the importance of representation in the home for children; and thus Nubian Newborns® was born.

With over 10 years of experience in the beauty and fashion industry she has the key essentials of being a true entrepreneur and the skills to bring about change. The culmination of all of her experiences make Ebony uniquely qualified to understand the needs of her customers. She is over joyed you are welcoming her vision and creations into your home.